NMG partners with Maseno University to celebrate Swahili Day

Nation Media Group board chairman Wilfred Kiboro

Nation Media Group board chairman Wilfred Kiboro in a past event.

Photo credit: File | Nation Media Group

The Nation Media Group (NMG) has partnered with Maseno University to celebrate Swahili Day as a way of promoting and preserving the national language.

NMG board chairman Dr Wilfred Kiboro said Swahili Day, to be held on a date to be determined, will provide an opportunity to celebrate the language and its rich culture.

"NMG is partnering with Maseno University to redefine journalism and create awareness about Swahili culture," said Dr Kiboro.

The partnership will also see the revival of the annual Career Guidance Programme to help students make informed decisions about their future.

“Editors from NMG will visit the Institute of higher learning to give talks and guide students on the right career path they should take,” said Dr Kiboro.

He pointed out that the programme will cover all professions and not necessarily just the media.

Professor Erick Nyambedha, Director of Quality Assurance and Performance Management at Maseno University, called for more collaboration with NMG on industrial relations issues.

Internships and bursaries

This includes offering placements, internships and bursaries to its journalism students.

According to Prof Nyambedha, Maseno University is the second most popular tertiary institution if the last three admissions are anything to go by.

It boasts over 20,000 students.

He also urged the media to explore more stories on research and breakthroughs.

"The media should focus more on research findings to come up with stories that have a positive impact on the community. For example, Maseno has developed a Striga-resistant maize seed variety and this can be very helpful to farmers if the news gets out," said Prof Nyambedha.

Dr Kiboro was accompanied by Mr Kenneth Oyola, NMG's Chief Commercial Officer, Mr Max Mutua, Commercial Manager, and Mr Ouko Okusah, Regional Editor, Western Kenya.

Mr Oyola emphasised that NMG is open to partnerships in the areas of climate change, literacy and youth empowerment.