Marani, the crime capital of Kisii that has seen it all

Boda boda rider transports a coffin

A boda boda rider transports a coffin in the streets of Kisii town to a mortuary. Hardly a day goes by without a serious crime being reported from Kitutu Chache South and Kitutu Chache North constituencies in Kisii county.

Photo credit: File | Nation Media Group

Kitutu Chache South and Kitutu Chache North constituencies are turning out to be the crime capitals of Kisii, with most horrendous incidents in the county being recorded from the areas.

Hardly a day goes by without a serious crime being reported from the two constituencies.

Marani sub-county in Kitutu Chache North, is specifically notorious for horrific crimes.

From lynching of suspected witches, to gouging out of baby Junior Sagini’s eyes, the sub-county has seen it all.

Murders, defilement, rape, drug abuse and high poverty levels define Kitutu Chache.

Residents from this area have on several occasions attempted to set ablaze Rioma and Marani police stations, in a show of defiance, arrogance and lawlessness.

Some security officers told the Nation that they have unsuccessfully sought transfers after working in the region for some time.

On Easter Monday, villagers in Raganga in Kitutu Chache South stumbled on a headless torso dumped in the thicket on a widow's farm.

The discovery comes days after the head of a man was discovered at the same spot.

The two bodies are being preserved at the Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital Mortuary awaiting identification.

Villagers suspect the head may have been cut from the decomposing body found on Monday morning.

The body did not have legs and one arm, raising suspicions of murder.

The other arm appeared partly gnawed by animals.

Residents said they are yet to get the identity of the deceased but suspect he might have been killed elsewhere and the body dumped in their area.

"Recently it was the head, today a torso was brought here. As residents, we want to know who are behind these killings and why they are dumping the bodies here," said a resident who did not wish to be identified.

Kisii County Police Commander Charles Kases told Nation.Africa that investigations into the two incidents are going on, with the aim of first establishing the identity or identities of the victims.

“We are doing all we can in accordance with the National Police Service regulations to end the crime in Kitutu,” said Mr Kases, adding that there is a need for residents to be law-abiding citizens even as they fight various societal challenges.

He said dialogue at the family level is crucial if crime is to end in the region, noting that cooperation between the police and community is key.

Mr Kases said police are investigating the murder of a secondary school teacher on Sunday night.

The body of Mecheo High School Deputy Principal Thomson Ndege was found at Mosocho in Kitutu Chache South with stab wounds in the abdomen and head.

“We have two people in custody in relation to the suspected murder,” said the county police commander.

About two years ago, security officials in Kitutu Chache North were transferred as the government moved in to rid the area of rogue officers and insecurity.

However, crime has remained relatively high.

The move to change the officers came after residents protested the mysterious deaths of three people at Rioma Police Station.

Gender activists led by Esnas Nyaramba have asked authorities to apprehend perpetrators of crime, because it was the only way to ensure crime is reduced in the region.

“We must end the culture of settling criminal cases out of court,” said Ms Nyaramba, adding that the practice emboldens the perpetrators, allowing them to continue with their criminal activities because they know they will evade the law.