Finance Bill: Youths demand apology from South Mugirango MP Silvanus Osoro

demos Nyamarambe

Youths demonstrate at Nyamarambe in South Mugirango constituency on July 8, 2024. They were demanding an apology from their MP Silvanus Osoro for supporting the Finance Bill, 2024.

Photo credit: Ruth Mbula / Nation Media Group

Police in Kisii on Monday, July 8, dispersed protesters who were demanding an apology from Mugirango South MP Silvanus Osoro for supporting Finance Bill 2024 against their wishes.

The demonstrators, who were carrying placards, were dispersed by dozens of police before they could reach the MP's constituency office in Nyamarambe Township.

“Osoro must apologise,” one of the placards read. When police asked the demonstrators to give them their grievances, they refused and vowed to go to the MP's office. They claimed that the legislator owed them an apology, even though the Finance Bill had been rejected by President William Ruto.

Police lobbed teargas canisters at the young demonstrators, forcing them to flee for their safety.

Before the police could intervene, the peaceful demonstrators were confronted by armed thugs who injured some of them.

 “I was slapped by an individual well known to me but a police officer who was standing nearby did nothing,” said James Ochungo.

“The people who attacked us are allies of the MP. They attacked us as the police watched from a distance,” claimed Mr David Asiago who accused the police of selectively enforcing the law.

“The demonstrators were peaceful and as the goons attacked them, the police watched as if nothing was happening,” said a witness, Alfan Alfayo.

"The Ministry of Interior should take action by transferring all the police officers in this area because they are serving one individual instead of serving all the residents," said Mecha Oroni.

In the chaos that followed the passage of the 2024 Finance Bill, some youths tried unsuccessfully to break into Osoro's homes in South Mugirango and Kisii Town. However, their efforts were thwarted by the police. Since then, there has been increased police vigilance at the homes. The protesters came out to demand an apology from the MP after getting wind that he was in the constituency. In a recent video clip seen by the Nation, Mr Osoro was captured in the company of a handful of youths who promised him that his house would not be invaded.

The youths can be heard promising the MP that they would guard his house.

 “Where are those people who were saying that the house was burnt?” Osoro is heard asking the young people, who assure him that such a thing can’t happen. He also asks if people who will try to torch the home will be thrown into River Gucha.

River Gucha is the largest and longest river in Gusii region. The video, which was taken by the roadside shows the MP also interacting with some women traders. He buys roasted maize from them and shares with the youth and other passerby before he boards a vehicle and leaves.