Man drowns while taking selfie at Gicheru Falls in Kirinyaga

An onlooker at the scene of the incident. 

A man drowned while taking a selfie with his friends at Gicheru Falls along Kiringa River in Kimunye, Kirinyaga County.

Residents reported hearing loud cries coming from the river. When they rushed to the scene, they discovered that a man had fallen into the river and their efforts to rescue him were unsuccessful.

According to Muchira Gatimu, a resident of the areas, the river has a significant volume of water, especially during the rainy season, which poses a danger to people, especially visitors who are unfamiliar with the terrain of the falls.

Gatimu mentioned that every year someone usually drowns in the river, most of them visitors who come to enjoy the scenic beauty.

Robert Gachoki, another resident, said their attempts to rescue the man had been in vain. He called for divers to come and assist in locating and recovering the body from the river.

Gachoki also urged people to be careful when visiting the river, especially during the rainy season.

The victim's body has not yet been recovered.