Four arrested in Kirinyaga while ferrying donkey meat to Nairobi


The Turkana County government is moving to register donkeys and regulate their movement as villages are reporting an increase in livestock theft.

Photo credit: File | Nation Media Group

Four people, including two drivers, found transporting suspected donkey meat were arrested in Makutano area of Kirinyaga County on Saturday.

Angry residents intercepted two vehicles, a Toyota Probox and a Pajero Trooper, where they found the meat.

They quickly grabbed the suspects, including two drivers, and handed them over to the police. The angry mob also burnt down the Toyota Probox car.

According to the locals, the suspects had slaughtered the allegedly stolen donkeys and were taking the meat to Nairobil.

"The donkeys had been slaughtered on the banks of the Tana River, when we got wind of what had happened we rushed to the scene and found the suspects carrying away the meat and we subdued them," said one of the residents.

The residents said they had lost a lot of donkeys to a well-organised gang involved in the donkey meat trade.

"We learnt that more than ten donkeys stolen from the area were slaughtered," said another resident, Mr John Maina.

Police said the suspects would be charged in court after investigations were completed.

"The suspects were found in possession of donkey meat and we are investigating the matter," one of the detectives said.

Residents lamented that the trade in donkey meat was rampant in the area and called on the police not to spare those involved.

"There were donkey skins scattered on the river bank and they should also be used as exhibits when the suspects appear in court," another resident said.