Malindi police officer kills self a day after shooting boda boda rider dead

Police gun

Police Constable David Mugiri fatally shot himself and body was revovered in a thicket at the Kwa Chocha area on Friday morning beside his gun.

Photo credit: Pool I Nation Media Group

A police officer who fatally shot a bodaboda rider outside the Malindi Airport, Kilifi County on Thursday evening has killed himself.

Police Constable David Mugiri fatally shot himself under the chin using the same rifle he used to kill the bodaboda rider- Mr Elvis Thoya on Thursday evening. 

The officer's body was discovered in a thicket at the Kwa Chocha area, about 800 meters from the Malindi Airport on Friday morning beside his gun.

According to the Police report, the officer went missing after the shooting incident following a disagreement over unknown reasons.

According to some of those who witnessed the incident, the boda boda operator, met his death after arguing with the police officer, regarding his payment after carrying him on a motorcycle and taking him to the airport.

Yulit Justus who witnessed the incident said that he also narrowly escaped one of the bullets fired by the officer because he was passing near the airport at the time of the incident.

Some leaders who arrived at the scene led by the former  Ganda Ward  MCA Abdulrahman Omar, strongly criticised the act and said that there is need for justice.

"We ask the government to take appropriate action, because the young man who was killed is not a criminal and he did not do anything wrong. We want action taken action against the officer without discrimination or delay," said  Omar.

Malindi Deputy County Commissioner Thuo Ngugi said they have not received complete information about the incident, although he has pointed out that the security department is closely monitoring the incident to identify the officer who carried out the act.

Mr Ngugi has noted that security officers continue to maintain calm in the city after the chaos caused by youths who were full of anger due to the act. 
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