Man electrocuted in botched mission to steal employer's coffee parchment

A sack of coffee beans.

Photo credit: File

A man on a mission to steal his employer's coffee parchment was electrocuted early Tuesday morning after he accidentally touched a bare electricity wire at his workplace.

The man, identified as Evans Njoroge, was found lying motionless in a trench where workers wash the coffee parchment.

One of his colleagues, Alex Wokali, found Njoroge lying face up with his hand on the wire, which he believed had electrocuted him.

He raised the alarm and informed the employer, identified as Alex Muniu, who then reported the matter to Kibichoi Police Station in Kiambu County. 

Half a sack of the coffee parchment was found beside the deceased 28-year-old.

Police visited the scene, processed it and through preliminary investigations found that Mr Njoroge had gone to steal from his boss.

"As he was leaving the mill, he touched the bare electric wire surrounding the mill and fell into the ditch," the police report said.

The body was taken to Kigumo level four hospital mortuary for post-mortem examination.