Kikuyu Council of Elders distances itself from Mungiki sect

Kikuyu elders

The newly crowned Kajiado Council of Elders Patron, Mr Kagia wa Kiongo and other elders in a traditional jig during his crowning ceremony in Kitengela on 23 September 2023.

Photo credit: Stanley Ngotho | Nation Media Group

The Kikuyu Council of Elders, Kiama Kiama, has distanced itself from the outlawed Mungiki sect. The council said it was a legal entity that upholds culture and promotes peaceful co-existence within the tents of the law.

During a ceremony in Kitengela on Saturday (September 23, 2023) to crown Mr Kagia wa Kiango as the new Kiama Kiama, Kajiado County patron, the council criticised individuals who tried to stop the event by spreading false rumours.

On Thursday, the recently ousted Kiama Kiama leadership allegedly linked the ceremony to the outlawed Mungiki sect, prompting the Maasai Council of Elders to issue a statement condemning the event.

An emergency security meeting, chaired by Kajiado County Commissioner Jude Wesonga and attended by the elders, was held and the ceremony was allowed to proceed.

The ceremony was attended by hundreds of locals and Kikuyu elders from Kiambu, Kajiado and Nyandarua counties. 

Mr Kiongo was presented with a leadership stick known as a 'muthigi' before being entrusted with the responsibility of preserving and leading the Kikuyu community and promoting inter-community co-existence. At least 22 Kiama Kiama formations in the vast Kajiado County will be under his leadership.

"My responsibility is to unite not only our community but all other communities living in Kajiado County and we are promoting peaceful co-existence by reaching out to elders of other communities," he said.

The National Patron of Kikuyu Council Elders, Mr Kung'u Muigai, said there was no bad blood between the Kikuyu and Maasai communities as they had co-existed and intermarried for years. He castigated elders who had tried to sow seeds of discord.

"We will continue to crown more Kiama Kiama leaders across the country as the council continues to spread its tentacles. We are a law-abiding council that cooperates with both the national and county governments. We condemn in the strongest possible terms a few individuals who are maligning our name," said Mr Kung',u.

The elders urged the recently ousted leaders, who have formed a splinter group, to concede defeat.

Former Kajiado senator Peter Mositet urged the Maasai and Kikuyu communities to continue living together peacefully.

"Politicians should not be given the opportunity to divide our people. Those who link Kiama Kiama to the outlawed Mungiki sect should apologise to the two communities," said Mositet.

Kajiado Deputy Governor Martin Moshisho stressed the importance of preserving the culture of the communities living in Kajiado County.

"The Kajiado County government recognises the Kikuyu Council of Elders and will continue to work with them on issues of culture, social coexistence and development," he said, urging the splinter groups to stop spreading rumours that could breach the peace.