5,000 Isiolo households targeted in WB solar power project

Isiolo Governor Mohamed Kuti

Isiolo Governor Mohamed Kuti who says 5,300 households will have their homes connected to solar power at no cost in a Sh503 million World Bank project.

Photo credit: Waweru Wairimu | Nation Media Group

More than 5,000 households, tens of public offices, schools and health facilities in remote areas of Isiolo County will benefit from a Sh503 million Kenya off-grid Solar Access Programme, financed by the World Bank, which seeks to increase access to modern and clean energy.

The targeted villages include Oldonyiro, Leparua, Bassa, Kombola, Malkagalla, Rapsu, Iresaboru, Malkadaka, Badana, Kipsing and Gafarsa.

Isiolo Governor Mohamed Kuti said 5,300 households will have their homes connected to power at no cost, and this is expected to improve their livelihoods.

The power connectivity will offer a major boost to education and health as learners will be able to study at night while patients will access crucial services which they have currently been seeking hundreds of kilometres away from their homes.

“The project will ensure improved services at local health centres, schools and public offices,” said Dr Kuti.

Several mini-grids, where the families and institutions will draw electricity from, will be established across the areas.

Solar powered boreholes

Twenty-two solar powered boreholes will also be sunk across the villages and the public facilities for increased access to water and to help mitigate the effects of climate change in the region.

Already, communities in the areas have donated parcels of land where the power stations will be built.

Dr Kuti said the 10 villages will benefit from Sh10 million in-kind compensation for giving out their land which will be used for community projects.

“The residents will decide on the community project that they want to be done for them as part of compensation for the land they have given out,” he said.

The project is expected to be complete by mid-2022.