Garissa: Militants kill old man at his home

Ijara in Garissa County. PHOTO | GOOGLE MAPS

What you need to know:

  • A report by police indicated that the militants were looking for the man’s son who is a police reservist.

Suspected Al-Shabaab militants killed an 80-year-old man in Ijara, Garissa County, after raiding his home.

It is reported that an unknown number of the militants walked into Mr Abdullahi Farah Gab's home in Sangole Village at about 1,30 am Friday and shot him dead.

“There was an incident by suspected Al-Shabaab militants ...We are in the process of gathering more information,” Nicodemus Ndalama, the North Eastern Region Security Coordinator, said while confirming the incident.

He said combined security forces were on the ground pursuing the assailants, believed to be hiding within.

“We have our security forces on the ground pursuing the assailants and I believe the operation will be successful,” he said.

According to Mr Ndalama, the attack on the old man was executed by a group of militants roaming the area in groups of about five to 10 people.

A report by police indicated that the militants were looking for the man’s son who is a police reservist.

The report said the reservist was with other security agents planning a security patrol when the militants struck.


The militants took their time at the home. They are said to have even slaughtered a goat belonging to the old man and carried away the meat.

“When the attackers missed their initial target, they proceeded to kill the father, maybe to pass a message," Mr Ndalama said.

“This is an act of desperation since they have been unable to carry out attacks due to enhanced security and, when they miss their target, they do something else to show they are still relevant.”

Last evening, another group of suspected militants attempted to attack Hulugho medical facility but only managed to damage the main gate.

“We are in full control of the security situation in this region and there is nothing to fear at the moment,” said Mr Ndalama.


The North Eastern Region Security Coordinator said the current teachers’ exodus from Garissa, Wajir and Mandera was initiated in Nairobi.

“The exit of teachers on security grounds is not of our making but it came from Nairobi, leaving us with no control,” he said.

He said the local security apparatus had taken bold measures, including moving non-local civil servants away from perceived terror hotspots.

“We have good plans of dealing with the situation, including moving teachers from terror hotspots just like we have done with medical staff, but Nairobi had other ideas,” he said.