President William Ruto plans compulsory 2.75pc NHIF deductions


President William Ruto’s plan to make it mandatory for every household in Kenya to contribute 2.75 percent of its income to fund a new social healthcare fund will see the government take at least 20 percent of the monthly pay from Kenyans earning Sh50,000 and above in the latest onslaught on payslips.

The Business Daily has learnt that the Social Health Insurance Bill, 2023 will also make it mandatory for all Kenyans to be members of a new social insurance scheme, which will replace the current National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF), to enjoy government services.

To fund the grand health scheme, the State plans to increase deductions from the current range of Sh150 to Sh1,700 to a flat rate calculated at 2.75 percent of gross monthly earnings.