Africa Digital Media Institute appoints new CEO, targets digital skills revolution

Aggrey Oriwo

Aggrey Oriwo the new Chief Executive Officer of Africa Digital Media Institute.

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What you need to know:

  • Aggrey Oriwo succeeds Dr Laila Macharia, who transitions to the role of Board Chair. 
  • ADMI has already established international partnerships geared at world-class digital learning experience. 

The Africa Digital Media Institute (ADMI) has announced the appointment of Aggrey Oriwo as the new Chief Executive Officer. Oriwo succeeds Dr Laila Macharia, who transitions to the role of Board Chair. 

Oriwo brings significant expertise in digital transformation, having previously held leadership positions in both business intelligence sectors and the media industry. Notably, he served as Managing Director at global research firm Ipsos, where he oversaw the East Cluster Business Unit.

Upon his appointment, Oriwo expressed enthusiasm for the new role.

"I am incredibly excited by this tremendous opportunity. The world of work and the trajectory of careers are changing, and we must provide fit-for-purpose training in emerging areas," he said.

Digital training solutions

He also emphasized the importance of a robust college sector in shaping Africa's workforce.

"It is critical now more than ever to shape our young professionals in a way that they find rewarding demand-driven careers," he said.

Under Oriwo's leadership, ADMI will focus on expanding its digital training solutions to help businesses and individuals upskill and reskill in high-demand areas. 

ADMI's curriculum covers a range of topics, such as artificial intelligence, data analysis, digital marketing, and cybersecurity and is taught by professionals from leading African companies and institutions.

Digital learning experience

ADMI has already attracted students from across the African continent and established international partnerships in its pursuit to provide a world-class digital learning experience. 

By emphasizing the intersection of technology, business, and creativity, ADMI aims to prepare students for the future of work with in-demand skills and qualifications.

As the new CEO, Oriwo's extensive experience and commitment to shaping the future of Africa's workforce will undoubtedly help to advance ADMI's mission to provide top-tier digital education and foster a new generation of highly skilled professionals.