Digital breakthroughs: How firm is reshaping marketing

Suss Ads staff, Angela Kiarie (left) and Wairimu Karima.

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The digital marketing environment is dynamic and ever-changing, offering marketers both opportunities and challenges. As a result of developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, marketers are now able to use sophisticated algorithms to automate ad buying, precisely target audiences, and deliver highly personalised and contextually relevant content.

Dennis Maina,30, is the managing partner and brains behind Suss Ads, a 360-degree marketing and communications agency rooted in tech and data, and provides more than traditional advertising approaches. He graduated with a degree in political science from the University of Nairobi, where he also started his journey into the digital realm. 

Dennis Maina is the managing partner and brains behind Suss Ads, a 360-degree marketing and communications agency

Photo credit: Pool

The marketing and tech expert is not only a digital native but also fluent in 360-degree marketing. He took his love for accuracy and relevance to the next level. Starting as a research executive at a top market research organisation (TIFA Research), he immediately recognised that technology was the secret sauce to achieving spot-on results.

Suss Digital was established in 2021 as an inventive ad agency that uses state-of-the-art data analytics, designs creative campaigns, and keeps up with the newest trends in digital marketing. The goal was to transform brand relationships in the dynamic world of digital marketing.

Maina’s extensive experiences as a digital marketing professional, while working with some top brands across Africa, noticed a significant gap in the digital advertising landscape.

“I recognised the transformative potential of technology and AI and decided to address this void by founding Suss Ads,” he says, adding that he saw the need for a robust Display Side Platform (DSP) that could understand and cater to the nuances of the African market. This was not just about delivering ads, but about creating a platform finely tuned to the diverse tastes, preferences, and behaviours of the African audience.

Realising that a DSP alone would not be sufficient for actual success, he envisioned a full integration with numerous exchanges, Supply Side Platforms (SSP), and Data Management Platforms (DMP). This all-encompassing strategy sought to enable Suss Ads to identify and categorise the complex aspects of the African audience as well as reach a wide audience.

“The establishment of Suss Ads was a calculated decision to close the gap and build an ecosystem of digital advertising specifically for the continent, not only a reaction to a market necessity. We are on pace to transform advertising in the future with our creative approach, benefiting both consumers and brands” he says, adding that they have technology, tools, and a group of developers that work and collaborate with clients to promote ingratiation, which helps businesses achieve their goals. Novel products such as Onsite Messages, App and Web Push Notifications, and WhatsApp Bot.

The business commenced with an initial starting capital of Sh100,000 accumulated over a considerable period through diligent savings efforts.

“During inception, our primary goal was to develop the Suss Ads Programmatic Platform. We then assembled a highly competent group of back-end and front-end developers who were committed to the company's goal. The business has grown remarkably, thanks to its dedicated talent pool, major technological breakthroughs supporting its platforms, and our esteemed clients,” says Maina.

The goal of Suss Ads is ensuring that clients’ ads are grounded in smart tactics that successfully communicate themes that resonate with target groups, and are aesthetically pleasing.

With the Suss Ads Programmatic Platform, Suss Digital is leading the way in enabling marketers in the rapidly changing world of technology today. The platform, which is driven by cutting-edge machine learning and AI, gives advertisers access to billions of premium impressions across thousands of websites in more than 60 global markets. In addition, over 50 brands have taken advantage of the platform's impactful, engaging, and interactive advertising experiences, which range from using data-driven strategies for precise targeting to igniting conversations in social media campaigns.

‘’Our goal is to make brands stand out amidst the digital noise. In addition, we elevate brands using sophisticated marketing and remarketing tactics, such as SEO optimisation, focused PPC campaigns, captivating social media campaigns, and well-planned influencer partnerships.

According to Maina, there are certain parallels between marketing and political science. “Understanding people’s behaviour, forming stories, and influencing results are at the core of both. A similar aspect between the two areas became apparent to me throughout my undergraduate studies: an essential message, a strategic platform, a receptive audience, a credible messenger, and a desired result,” he notes.

He is motivated to develop cutting-edge tactics that not only negotiate the competitive environment but also upend accepted industry norms since he is inspired by the dynamic nature of technology and marketing. This drives his dedication to stay on top of things, provide customers with unmatched value, and position the agency as a trailblazer in the very competitive field of digital marketing.

Maina says that he is also highly driven by the revolutionary possibilities that utilising digital technologies presents for African enterprises. His goal is to use technology to empower companies, spur economic growth, and increase Africa's visibility globally through innovation.

“We have a long list of satisfied clients and are approved by the Marketing Society of Kenya and the Communication Authority of Kenya. Corporate communication brands, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and agriculture, financial services, real estate and construction, sports, i-gaming and betting, entertainment and music, logistics, and transportation are just a few of the industries we have worked with,” he says.

The company boasts 30 employees, including front end and back end developers, client account managers, finance and accountants, video, photo, and graphic designers, strategy and media planners . It takes pride in being an inclusive and flexible platform that welcomes clients with varying budgets. It tailors its services to meet your specific needs and financial parameters.

Regarding their entry into the cutthroat industry, Maina notes that they used technology to create ad campaigns that were highly targeted and successful after realising there was a rising need for tailored and data-driven advertising solutions. They distinguished the company with an outstanding return on investment .