How Chura Ltd is redefining mobile money

From left:  Jack Kinga, Samuel Njuguna, Stephanie Gaku, Njogu Kinyanjui, and Byron Sitawa, the founders of Chura Ltd. PHOTO | CHURA LTD

What you need to know:

  • Hence enabling with reliable speed and convenience the transfer of airtime across networks, buying airtime from any network using any mobile money service, converting airtime to mobile money, as well as sending airtime to multiple phone numbers at just the click of a button.
  • The package seems unbelievable, but what the disruptive innovators sell and seemingly will always sell is simply "network interoperability".
  • But since then, against all odds, the company is stabilizing and looking to break even, sooner rather than later. Samuel Njuguna, Chura's head of marketing, disclosed that their system handles roughly 2000 transactions every month.
  • Their latest product, Chura Money, allows one to withdraw money from their Paypal account to any mobile phone instantly, transfer funds from credit or debit card to any M-Pesa account.

Imagine having a service that enables you to transfer airtime across networks, buy airtime from any network using any mobile money service and convert airtime to mobile money.


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