Moses Kuria is being crucified for doing the Lord’s work

Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria

Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria. Through their clamorous mouthpieces in Parliament, they’re demanding for Kuria, accusing him of trying to kill their livelihoods, something the CS has neither confirmed nor denied.

Photo credit: Diana Ngila | Nation Media Group

Maize farmers living on the Western side of the Rift Valley have been waving their tractors up in the air since last week.

Through their clamorous mouthpieces in Parliament, they’re demanding for the head of Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria, accusing him of trying to kill their livelihoods, something the CS has neither confirmed nor denied.

What began with concerns about the docking of a certain ship at the Port of Mombasa is now ending with government luminaries speaking to maize farmers in any way they want.

It has led maize farmers to ask the government to remember they also have children sitting for their KCPE towards the end of this month, and if their intention was to prove to the candidates that hard work doesn’t pay, there were other empathetic ways of putting the message across than sending Majority Leader Kimani Ichung’wah to warn them against kidnapping their own maize.

Any concerned government watching the protest scenes in the media would’ve developed health complications from the coarse voice and the subtle threats coming through. Only that Kenya Kwanza isn’t any other government. When you’re ordained by State House prayer warriors at taxpayers’ expense, there’s absolutely no weapon formed against you that shall prosper.

Pour anointing oil

Maize farmers in Kenya are being reminded that when they went to the polls slightly more than three months ago, they prayed for God to help them tick the right box of leaders who would bless their tools and pour anointing oil on their land. If they haven’t yet seen the fruits of their votes, it’s only because the Bible advises them to read Proverbs 14:29; “Whoever is patient has great understanding, but one who is quick-tempered displays folly.”

The timely reminder from the prophets doesn’t end there. Protesting maize farmers and their bawling leaders in Parliament are being reminded that the last election was not just about issues of politics, it was also a referendum between those who believe in God and those who believe in men – and we all know who won.

Maize farmers who don’t believe in God are being urged to give the Trade CS more time to finish the work that the Lord started in the Cabinet. He’s currently in the government delegation to South Korea looking for more Christian missionaries to come to Kenya to preach for us the good word.

While he’s away, hustlers in Kenya have been urged not to sit back and watch their favourite CS get crucified by those who don’t believe in God. They should join forces with maize farmers of goodwill who have refused to listen to their MPs who used to be with God but have since been captured by the forces of darkness.

When we prayed for God to give us a Cabinet that is going to deliver on the promises of the Bible, we didn’t expect some of our MPs would abandon us in this journey to deliver Kenya to Christ Jesus.

However, instead of punishing these renegades who have abandoned the government agenda, we shall pray for them to see the light that the public is already paying for through their electricity bill – because we’re a government of honest men and prayerful women.

Just like sugarcane farmers before them, maize farmers are being urged to remain patient as we wait for the maize industry to collapse so we can form a Privatization Commission to look for private investors to buy their farms and plant GM maize for export.

If the NCPB hasn’t heard their prayer for government to buy their maize currently fighting with weevils and aflatoxin at home, it can only be because our unworthy competitors who don’t believe in God are blocking the prayers of farmers from reaching the ears of the government, and God will help us beat them again in 2027.