Ensure children play, it helps them to grow

Children playing

Children playing outdoors. 

Photo credit: Pool

Many parents force their children to stay indoors and study, play alone or get onto the internet on their digital devices. That usually happens during the school holidays, like now.

However, that denies children the opportunity to interact with their peers. Allowing children to play and enjoy their childhood is crucial for their physical and mental development. It also enhances physical health through movement activities since it boosts the growth of, especially, the muscles.

Play also provides children with an opportunity for emotional development. The can express their emotions by laughing and crying and learn more about association with their friends.

The memories of a great day linger on their minds for a long time, even in adulthood. They develop emotional intelligence and resilience.

Social interaction is also achieved. They make friends and get to learn one another’s behaviours. Some even become lifetime friends. Playing children also attain social skills when they negotiate, share and resolve conflicts among themselves.

Besides, play is a natural stress reliever. Allowing one to enjoy their childhood prevents the scenario where teenagers do things that appear childish, which they might have been denied.

With the current technology, children may do great things when they come together. A lot of the content we enjoy on social media is created by children, ranging from music to comedy.

Parents should allow their children to interact with others and explore their creativity as they could do something constructive. Lastly, research shows children who fail to play and exercise are slow learners and introverts while those who do are always jovial and extroverts.

Chepkoech Eucabeth, Nakuru