Deporting Chinese man who insulted Kenyans, President not enough

What you need to know:

  • The Chinese have won mega tenders in our country and other African countries.

I watched in wrath a video that went viral of a Chinese man insulting Kenyans. It was demeaning and dehumanising for him to be so disrespectful to the President and citizens of Kenya.

Sadly, third world countries are the most affected by the words and gestures of racism. It has always been said and written that Africa is the cradle of mankind, yet the first and second world countries consider us as beggars and illiterate people.

The Chinese have won mega tenders in our country and other African countries. China has become our friend in need. But their dominance in these projects have made them become too comfortable and, sometimes, get rude to Africans.


There was a time when African workers were barred from accessing sites in their countries that were preserved for Chinese workers simply because of the colour of their skin. That was wrong and unacceptable.

For the Chinese man to say that Kenyans are black, smelly and look like monkeys — particularly while in Kenya — is the worst insult: It is even against religious teachings that human beings are a creation of God.

As Africans, we have never described the people from the East in any negative way. In fact, we call them friends. They should understand that they are in a foreign country, where there are laws that apply to everyone.

Although I think this man deserved a severer punishment for his racism, I hope the deportation taught him a lesson.

John Kiragu, Nyeri.