We need to start voting electronically

A woman casts her vote in Samaburu.

A woman casts her vote at a polling station in Samaburu.

Photo credit: Geoffrey Ondieki | Nation Media Group

Digital vote • There was “an unusual silence on social media during the presidential vote tallying”, says university don X. N. Iraki. “That was very ‘unKenyan’. Have we matured politically or did the ‘system’ scare us into silence? Looking at the time it took to get the election results, there is no doubt we need to start voting electronically. Are we not the Silicon Savannah?” His contact is [email protected].


Poll disputes • The IEBC has done its bit, and those unhappy with the results should follow the right procedure, which is to go to court and provide evidence of any election malpractices, says Durvin Cheptoo. “Therefore, let us maintain the peace. The candidates’ supporters should be careful lest they end up in hospital or dead due to post-election violence.” His contact is [email protected].


Poor planning • IEBC must plan better for future elections, says Ruth Gituma. “They had five years, and so shouldn’t have had faulty kits, having had ample time to test them.” Besides the late opening of polling stations, she adds, Covid-19 protocols were not observed where she voted in Nairobi. “There were no sanitisers despite the sharing of verification kits and pens.” Her contact is [email protected].


Dear food • Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya’s abrupt suspension of the maize flour subsidy “due to lack of funds from the National Treasury” in the middle of a tough election season is a big blow to Kenyans, says Claire Nyambura. Besides the anxiety over the elections, she adds, Kenyans have suffered tough times as the cost of living has risen. Her contact is [email protected].


Man Rep • As women have done quite well in this year’s elections, Mwangi Wanjohi wonders why the drafters of the 2010 Constitution didn’t see the possibility of a county having all its constituencies elect woman MPs. “It would have been prudent to create the position of Man Representative for the men in such a county to be represented in Parliament.” His contact [email protected].    

Have a representative day, won’t you!