Struggling with infertility? Here are the benefits of visiting a fertility clinic

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The fertility rate for Kenya has been declining gradually for the past two decades. The fertility rate for Kenya in 2022 was 3.311 births per woman, a 1.55 per cent decline from 2021. This timing shift is now driving demand for fertility treatment services and clearly indicates why today, fertility clinics play an important role in our healthcare system.

Infertility happens when you cannot get pregnant after one year of trying to conceive if you are under the age of 35, and six months if you are above that age.

Fertility clinics help couples identify fertility issues, and find resourceful solutions.

Infertility is one of life’s most painful challenges because the drive to have a child is the central aspect of what makes us human. Fertility clinics are there to help people become pregnant and achieve their dreams of creating a family. Many patients who struggle with infertility also experience chronic stress and problems individually, and within their marriages.

Fertility doctors are experts in their field – they provide a wide range of fertility treatment services to help you get pregnant easily and safely. Fertility specialists can help you find out why you have trouble conceiving and offer you fertility treatment like (IVF, IUI, ICSI and egg freezing among others) to help you achieve your goal of conceiving or siring a baby. Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of visiting a fertility clinic.

Comprehensive consultation

If you’ve been trying to conceive a baby unsuccessfully, then you know just how exasperating and disheartening the process can be. When you visit a fertility clinic you will be dealing with a specialist who is an expert in the fertility field. Reputable fertility clinics offer you dedicated onsite services that provide fertility treatments, testing, and support from highly-trained professionals, and some who have global experiences.

Precise Diagnosis

With dozens of conditions causing infertility, the most important method of treating a disorder is by getting the correct diagnosis. Without this you will be spending time and money on treatments that might be destined to fail. Because so many conditions can cause infertility, once the fertility expert has an idea of the problem, then appropriate tests can be arranged.

The risk of infertility increases as you age.

In women, causes of infertility can include endometriosis, uterine fibroids and thyroid disease. Men with fertility problems may have a low sperm count of low testosterone. There is also the aspect of unexplained infertility; this occurs when the sperm and egg seem normal, and no implantation issues occur. When this happens, other problems such as hostile vaginal pH or infections and other issues may be the concern.

Once all the necessary testing is done, you’re more likely to get an accurate diagnosis which ultimately saves time and guides your treatment plan. The fertility specialist will know which treatment to select for you.

Personalised service

Not many folks understand the emotional battle that comes with infertility better than a fertility doctor who deals with such cases on a daily basis. Reputable fertility clinics have doctors, physicians, nurses and staff who strive to help guide you in the most comfortable way possible. It is a personalised service you can trust, with solutions built to help you conceive and build a family.

Multiple treatment options

Infertility is complicated and influenced by many factors, so diagnosing and treating it can be a complex process. With so many treatments available, a trained fertility specialist will offer you a customised treatment to meet your needs and help you achieve your fertility goals.

The specialist takes a look at everything including:

•Your age, general health and lifestyle

•Mental health – how infertility and fertility treatments can or will affect your well-being

•Fertility history – menstrual history, previous pregnancies, and how long you’ve been trying

•Financial issues – the extent to which infertility is affecting your finances

With all this info, a fertility doctor can create a custom treatment plan that works with your goals and your budget.

With a variety of resources, you will learn more about infertility at a fertility clinic. The clinics provide a huge array of resources and infertility solutions tailored for you. Educating yourself about fertility is the first step.

You can’t stop infertility, but you can take practical steps to solving it. We can help you learn everything you can about the process of fertility treatment and your journey ahead. If you’d like to know more, contact Fertility Point Kenya today!

Dr. Felix Wanjala is COO of Fertility Point Kenya