Rosy Communications Authority statistics mask the digital divide in Kenya

What you need to know:

  • I recently visited my rural county in western Kenya. I could not escape noticing the difference in the quality of ICT services and access to them between urban and rural Kenya.
  • Whereas Communications Authority statistics are quite impressive and have been lauded internationally, things are slightly different on the ground – particularly if that ground happens to be in rural Kenya.
  • Whereas it is true that internet services are available to most people in rural Kenya, they are however of a different and lower quality.
  • It is high time we tackled the digital divide in order to ensure that the 75 percent of Kenyans living in rural areas are not denied access to the digital services that urbanites take for granted.

Like most city dwellers, I rarely get a chance to travel to my rural county in western Kenya. However, last week the death of my aunt Lucia (God rest her soul in peace) demanded that I make the 500km journey.


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