Care for street children

Children take part in celebrations to mark the International Day for Street children at Laare, Meru County, on April 26, 2023. 

Photo credit: File I Nation Media Group

Street families are brought about by street children. As the world marked the International Street Children’s Day on April 12, there is a need to put in more effort to fulfil the innocent children’s basic need of shelter.

It all begins with an escape from a hostile family and domestic violence. Parents should take up responsibilities and raise their children well, regardless of their differences. Domestic violence leads to psychological torture among the young ones; parents should, therefore, keep their children out of it.

Secondly, poverty at home forces children to drop out of school for lack of fees, ending up in the streets in search of a livelihood. The government should reduce the cost of living and avoid overtaxation.


Thirdly, we have orphans in the streets who were abandoned by their relatives. It’s saddening that some of them had even promised to bring up the children. They’d rather drop them off at accredited orphanages and children’s homes instead.

Fourth, due to neglect by the parents, some children end up in the streets as a result of drug addiction. These days, parents prioritise their jobs and are too busy to raise and monitor their children well.

Fifth, education can keep the children busy. The government has invested a lot in the TVETs and other technical colleges. Parents should make use of these institutions and enrol their young ones there .

The UN puts the number of street children at 150 million with about 300,000 in Kenya. Let the national and county governments reduce the number. More governmental and non-governmental organisations should come to the aid of these children.

- Ms Cherop is a student at Rongo University. [email protected].