Be vigilant and protect minors on long holiday

Students going home

Students going home after closing school.

Photo credit: File | Nation Media Group

Primary and secondary schools are closed and children will be home for almost seven weeks. The long holiday calls for parents, guardians and other caregivers to exercise vigilance by monitoring the activities the children engage in and guide them appropriately.

During the holiday season, children usually have more access to media and technological devices that can easily access all manner of content, especially on the internet.

It is necessary that the adults get concerned about the content that children are consuming on digital devices and media platforms. Research shows children are easily impressionable and tend to imitate what they see.

Parents should make use of the wide parental controls offered on various ICT devices and broadcast platforms ans also take a keen interest in the gaming activities and content that their children are exposed to, especially on the internet and home gaming machines.

Be on the lookout

Recently, the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) issued a statement reiterating the need for parents to be cautious and take the lead role in ensuring that children are not exposed to inappropriate content during the long holiday.

The regulator also urged parents to be on the lookout and ensure that children are not admitted to unscrupulous video dens, which are common during the holiday season, where they are likely to be exposed to adult material.

The caution by KFCB is timely and amplifies the need for parents to be alert in ensuring children’s safety in all ways—not only from exposure to inappropriate film and broadcast content but also risks such as drug abuse and other vices.

It is also commendable that KFCB is keen on empowering parents and caregivers with the necessary skills and knowledge on how to parent effectively in the Digital Age, handle tech-savvy children and stay informed about emerging risks through its Parental Digital Literacy Program (PaDiL).

Mr Ramoka is a communications specialist. [email protected]