In this episode, In this episode we speak to Mr Julius Maithya, CEO of the Makueni County Fruit Development and Marketing Authority, Mr Antony Kimeu Nzau a commercial mango farmer from Matiliku area and Mr Alex Muli from Goshen Exporters.

We are taking a deep dive into the entire mango value chain form the farm across to value addition and processing. We discuss how the Makueni County government has been able to stabilize fruit prices in the area and the direct increase in jobs created as a result of the Kalamba Fruit Processing Plant.

Mr Kimeu who has been a mango farmer in Makueni County for over 15 years,  describes to us how he has seen mango farming create a variety of jobs and the need for women and youth to get actively engaged in farming. Further Mr Muli speaks to us about the opportunity that the export market present to mango farmers as well as critical policy moves that can be made to amplify the work of industry stakeholders.

This episode references the MARKUP Kenya study on the Mango value chain in Kenya that was conducted on Machakos, Makueni and Embu Counties. More information about this study and the work that MARKUP Kenya is involved in is available at

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Photography By Kathomi Photography

Hosted by Jason Runo and Sheila Kari

Recorded by Doris Onyango

Creative Director Dan Aceda

Produced by SemaBOX