Kenya is one of the Lake region countries that is vulnerable to climate change. A slight weather change pattern means communities are faced with drought and flooding. On the other hand, the coastal towns face the risk of a climate change-induced sea level rise that threatens to submerge islands in a few decades.

Kenya is among the first African states to establish progressive climate legislation but the country also continues to support investments in extractive industries in support of development, the effect is that these industries are destroying local communities’ livelihoods and keeping the country in an unsustainable path. 

A conflict between the government's policies on development and Kenya’s constitution’s commitment to fighting effects of climate change finds an arena in many rural communities that are now invited to make hard choices for themselves and future generations.    

In this narrative podcast series, Natural Justice, we follow individuals in communities forced to the frontline of this conflict as they push back using Kenyan courts to preserve their dignity and communal lands. They face huge challenges and are sandwiched between  big government, Chinese contractors and Western corporations

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