United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation(FAO) encourages vertical farming in the urban slums to help the urban poor access adequate fresh and safe food.

With the growing population and inevitable need to be food secure amid rising inflations and economic downturn, an agricultural innovation such as vertical farming becomes a powerhouse.

Presently, 55 per cent of the world's population live in urban areas, and by 2050, the proportion will hit 68 per cent, according to UN Habitat.

Going by this percentage , it means of the 4,397,073 Nairobi population captured in the 2019 census, 2, 418,390 live in the slums. By 2050, the number would rise by 571,619.

Lilian Achieng of Ngomongo area in Korogocho slum has tested the fruits of her vertical farming, and they are sweet.

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