In this episode of Speaking of Gen Z, hosts Mitchelle Namasaka, Jackie Macharia, and Esther Nyandoro delve into the intricacies of maintaining love and connection across distances. Drawing from their own experiences and those of their peers, they explore the challenges, joys, and strategies of navigating long-distance relationships in the digital age.

From communication tips to managing expectations, the hosts offer practical advice and heartfelt anecdotes to guide listeners through the ups and downs of being separated from a romantic partner. They discuss the role of trust, the importance of setting boundaries, and creative ways to stay connected when miles apart.

Through candid conversations and empathetic insights, from guest Sheryll; Namasaka, Macharia, and Nyandoro shed light on the unique dynamics of long-distance love, empowering listeners to embrace the journey with resilience and optimism. Whether you're embarking on a new chapter or seeking to strengthen an existing bond, this episode provides a roadmap for thriving in the distance.

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Speaking of Gen Z brings you entertaining but meaningful conversations about a generation that is trying to navigate through adulthood. Join hosts Michelle, Jackie and Esther as they unravel all things Gen Z. Produced by Kevin Maina.