Award winning journalist, John-Allan Namu, talks about how the conflicts he experienced in his 20s lead him to be more intentional and compassionate in his personal and professional life. 

Media personality John Allan Namu has opened up about life in his 20’s, and the lessons that shaped who he is now.

Speaking to content creator Wabosha Maxine, Namu explained: “I was always looking for someone in the "it" crowd mainly because of my own imposter syndrome. I felt that I was not enough on my own so I needed someone who was whole so that that fairy dust can just sprinkle itself on me. I wanted someone whose attention was on me so that I could dote on her, that was the kind of person I was looking for at the time."

On his journey to discovery, Namu realised his idea of a relationship is as flimsy as  a house of cards with no semblance of a foundation. This is after he met his wife Makena.

"She is extremely attractive, very outgoing, very curious about the world, never afraid to ask the question that will get the conversation going and get you to learn," Namu said.

This has made him come up with what he calls the Makena posture.

"I will not act like I know everything, I will go and ask everything," he noted.

The media personality goes ahead to explain what unique 'X factor' his wife has that his exes did not.