Join host Kevin Maina and special guest Philbert Julai, a seasoned father of four, in an intimate conversation on "Fatherhood: The Art of Bonding with Your Children." In this captivating episode, we delve into the profound significance of forging strong and enduring connections with our children.

Philbert shares his personal journey as a father, discussing the unique experiences, challenges, and joys that come with raising a growing family. Drawing from his own anecdotes and insights, he offers invaluable wisdom on the power of fostering a deep, trusting bond with each child, irrespective of age or personality.

Together, Kevin and Philbert explore the diverse ways in which fathers can actively engage with their children, from nurturing shared hobbies to navigating through the complexities of communication and emotional understanding. Listeners will gain practical advice on cultivating patience, empathy, and effective communication strategies to strengthen the foundations of a lifelong, meaningful relationship with their kids.

Tune in to this enriching conversation on "Fatherhood: The Art of Bonding with Your Children" as Kevin and Philbert provide actionable tips, heartfelt stories, and heartfelt guidance on creating lasting memories and nurturing unbreakable bonds with the ones who matter most.