Join hosts Mitchelle Namasaka, Jackie Macharia, and Esther Nyandoro as they delve into the world of Gen Z singlehood. In this engaging episode, they explore the various pressures faced by Gen Z individuals who are single, from societal expectations to family inquiries. They'll also shed light on the benefits and unique advantages of being single in today's fast-paced world.

Special guest Kevin Maina joins the conversation to share his personal experiences and insights. Together, they discuss the importance of self-discovery and personal growth during singlehood, the influence of dating apps and technology on modern relationships, and how Gen Z is redefining traditional notions of love and partnership.

Whether you're a part of Gen Z navigating the single life or interested in understanding the dynamics of this generation's approach to relationships, this podcast episode offers a balanced perspective on the pressures and pleasures of singlehood. Tune in for an enlightening and thought-provoking discussion.

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Speaking of Gen Z brings you entertaining but meaningful conversations about a generation that is trying to navigate through adulthood. Join hosts Michelle, Jackie and Esther as they unravel all things Gen Z. Produced by Kevin Maina.