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  1. PRIME The memory of man stuck with body of his mother on Thika Road haunts me

    The man had kept waving at police what seemed like a pass allowing him to transport his dead mother’s body to the mortuary.

  2. Washington Gikunju: Tough balancing Act - Interplay of UK’s post-Brexit relationship with Africa

    London’s post-Brexit agenda focuses on manoeuvring its relationship with individual states.

     Uhuru Kenyatta and Boris Johnson
  3. Revealed: IMF conditions

    Rampant corruption and lack of accountability in President Kenyatta’s government has seen the country sink into the debt abyss.

  4. PRIME Revealed: Magufuli's last moments

    Tanzanian president was flown to Kenya secretly on March 8 after suffering acute cardiac and respiratory illnesses.

    President John Pombe Magufuli
  5. PRIME Tanzania politicians flee to Kenya

    The politicians said they are facing persecution for rejecting the outcome of the October 2020 polls.

    President John Pombe Magufuli
  6. PRIME The Magufuli puzzle

    There was presidential level security in Nairobi Hospital’s VIP North Wing and access to the premier hospital’s presidential suites was more severe than usual.

    John Magufuli
  7. Ugandan activist Stella Nyanzi flees to Kenya

    The academic cum political activist is seeking political asylum in Kenya.

    Dr Stella Nyanzi
  8. Canada grants asylum to Tanzanian ex-MP Godbless Lema

    Lawyer Wajackoyah, said the Tanzanian politician was granted political asylum with the intervention of UNHCR.

    Godbless Lema
  9. Peter Mwaura: A tale of lost Nanyuki railway map and why the ‘Nation’ killed the story

    Withdrawing a story is like rewriting history to say something never happened.

    Nanyuki railway
  10. Opposition leader Tundu Lissu flees Tanzania

    Tundu Lissu has been holed up in the German embassy since Friday after expressing fears for his life.

    Tundu Lissu

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