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  1. Veronica Onjoro: Rehab for alcoholic teachers is the way to go

    Teachers who abuse alcohol do not go to work as required and, when they do, they are impeded by hangover from being efficient

    Drunk man
  2. Veronica Onjoro: Disuse turning footbridges into white elephants

    Footbridges are rarely used despite having cost the taxpayers millions of shillings to build.

    Buxton footbridge
  3. Veronica Onjoro: Radio stations should preach peace, not war

    Radio, like other media, is useful for the growth of the community and country.

    Radio station
  4. Veronica Onjoro: Ferry sexual assault victims to the court

    Child sexual abuse can have wide-ranging and serious consequences, sometimes lifelong.

    Sexual violence
  5. Veronica Onjoro: Recall all MPs who never spoke in Parliament

    The revelation that there are silent MPs in the National Assembly is not only shocking but unbelievable.

  6. Veronica Onjoro: Fete our fellow beings risking to serve at sea

    Not only does trade by sea make up most of the global economy but also the oceans take up about 70 per cent of the planet.

    Cruise ship
  7. Veronica Onjoro: Wrong to send students home for school fees

    Every secondary school dropout is an unfulfilled objective, goal and dream for the individual and society.

    Secondary students
  8. Veronica Onjoro: Ease varsity course choices

    Some students pick all competitive courses for their top three choices, ending up missing all even though they scored high marks.

    Butere Girls School
  9. Veronica Onjoro: Allow Grade 4 learners to be back in school

    According to the Children Act, every child has the right to education.

    Parklands Baptist School
  10. Veronica Onjoro: Teach our local languages up to university

    The learning of indigenous languages improves student’s educational outcomes.

    Prof. Ngugi wa Thiong'o

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