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  1. Kisumu ready for Africities Summit, says Nyong’o

    Nyong'o says new infrastructure will position Kisumu as an investment hub for the lake region.

    Kisumu Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o
  2. End roadblock extortion scheme once and for all

    The more the issue of removal of roadblocks is raised, the more checkpoints emerge to extort bribes from motorists, laments one reader.

  3. PRIME Mr President, why is our national archive still in insecure ‘River Road’?

    When the Kenya National Archives was started, its main function was to enable the present and future generations to trace our history.

    Kenya National Achieves
  4. PRIME The fuel behind Kisumu’s rapid growth

    Many estates have sprouted in Kisumu's rocky suburbs of Riat, Kibos, Nyamasaria, the Airport area and Obambo.

    Kisumu City
  5. PRIME Revealed: 3 western Kenya counties are terrorist breeding grounds

    Terror groups like Al-Shabaab are said to be recruiting young people in these counties.

    kamiti terror convicts caught
  6. Tom Mboya: Writing was on the wall for disbanded federation

    That is a small price to pay if at the end of it all we put our footballing house in order.

    AMina Mohamed
  7. PRIME Ballot revolution? Youth to vie for political seats

    With big dreams of leadership, youthful aspirants are eyeing positions in 2022 elections banking on support from their peers.

  8. PRIME Melodica: The story of Kenya’s last record stores

    As you walk into the store, some seraphic classical music fills the air without effort, like the waves filling holes in beach sand.

    Melodica music store
  9. PRIME Just what does it take to become an endodontist?

    There are dentists, and then there are endodontists. Dr Tom Joseph Mboya Dienya falls in the latter category. While all endodontists are dentists, less than three percent of dentists...

    Dr Tom Joseph Mboya
  10. PRIME Where it’s most expensive to contest political seats

    Sh4.4 billion spending limit for presidential elections is a pointer to the enormous resources the presidential hopefuls are burning.

    Voter registration

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