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  1. PRIME Finally, East and Central Africa’s first public children’s hospital

    So how could I unveil this spectacular landmark project?

     Paula Radcliffe
  2. PRIME 'I had to run to save my life'

    Half-blind I slammed into a barbed-wire fence positioned between the beach and the building’s parking lot.

    Toby Tanser
  3. PRIME How can a life-changing episode like this take less than 10 minutes?

    We follow Toby Tanser’s charity through excerpts from his latest book.

    Shoe4Africa Foundation founder Toby Tanser.
  4. PRIME Cracking the cranium and the message of the millennium

    Upon arrival in Tanzania, the bus scheduled an overnight stop in Arusha.

    Toby Tanser
  5. PRIME My neighbours were world champions, record holders, and also fledgling stars

    The strangest emotion swept over me, perchance the mind played tricks, or did Eldoret promise to be more than a checklist destination? Gosh, I sounded like my parents.

    Toby Tanser
  6. Paula Radcliffe brings Christmas cheer to Nandi County

    On Christmas Day, Tanser, accompanied by former world marathon record holder Paula Radcliffe, brought gifts to the Kapchemoiywo in Nandi County.

    Paula Radcliffe
  7. PRIME Preparing for first race in Kenya, looking forward to Eldoret trip

    Look at me, living a dream on my maiden African morning.

    Toby Tanser
  8. Athletes’ Christmas gift for children battling cancer

    The athletes hope to raise enough funds for the construction of a 152-bed children’s cancer hospital.

    Toby Tanser
  9. PRIME Fortuitously, I stumble upon greatest distance running group on the globe

    Frowning, fretting, and whining under her breath regarding tardiness and manners, she gave no hope or encouragement.

    Toby Tanser
  10. Eldoret race for children’s hospital

    The relay race from the Equator to Eldoret will be led by Toby Tanser.

     Paula Radcliffe

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