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  1. Sahaya G Selvam: We can be agents of hope despite locked down Easter

    We should appreciate those who are making sacrifices and taking risks on our behalf.

    Shieywe sub-parish Catholic
  2. Editor dishes out moral guidance to Kenyan youth

    The book is 12 chapters of inspirational content fused with short tales and world-changing perspectives.

    Story: A Teen’s Guide to Legendary Life
  3. Relationships: Why positive psychology is the buzz word this year

    Positive thoughts will encourage you to discover and nurture your character strengths, rather than channeling your efforts into correcting shortcomings

  4. Where is God? What is He up to?

    "The faith of the people is being tested, their deeper connection with God is on line, and the important convictions can surface once again."

  5. SELVAM: Covid-19 tests self-learning skills of students today

    In a classroom set-up, this whole exercise can be carried out in a collaborative process.

  6. SELVAM: Coronavirus spread puts religion in a tight spot

    Religions that will survive the Covid-19 are those that provide meaning in silence.

  7. When fight for land invites murder in families

    In the past, land was communally owned and there was no motivation to kill.

  8. Why cultism drives even best brains to make baffling moves

    Those who join cults often are mostly driven by greed or an existential crisis.

  9. Forces that drive people into cultism

    Worth noting is that people who join cults often have a need.

  10. Marriage, divorce and the church

    Nairobi Chapel's policy advocates that parties in a divorce should remain single for the rest of their lives.

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