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  1. Peter Mwaura: Reporting State of the Nation speech was akin to sorting beans from chaff

    Looking for news in President Kenyatta’s lengthy address is akin to separating beans from chaff through winnowing.

    Uhuru Kenyatta
  2. Organisers leave nothing to chance as city comes alive

    The Stanbic Nakuru City Marathon will not be about the cash prize money alone.

    Stanbic Nakuru Marathon
  3. Peter Mwaura: How to spot bias in news of the presidential race

    False equivalency stems from attempts by the media to avoid bias and give politicians an illusion of fairness in coverage.

    Newspaper reader
  4. Readers' feedback: Who’s smarter now?

    Readers share their results after trying out a simple quiz on the common errors writers and editors make.

    Newspaper reader
  5. Peter Mwaura: COP26 - The unreported stories and 300-plus Kenya delegates

    The Nation’s coverage of the 13-day United Nations Climate Change Conference, which ends today, has been scanty.

    Climate change
  6. Readers' feedback: Role of media in problem-solving

    Media houses have a moral duty to provide intuitive insights into policies generated by the state for the public.

  7. Peter Mwaura: Should media ignore news of students burning dorms to avoid the copycats?

    There is no research in Kenya to show that news media publicity provokes copycat arson in schools.

    Matarmat Primary School
  8. Peter Mwaura: Kenyan journalism takes a beating on Agnes murder

    Failing to report the Wanjiru murder with the seriousness it deserved went contrary to the NMG editorial policy.

    Agnes Wanjiru.
  9. Readers' feedback: Prof Mutua and President Kagame

    It’s appalling and offensive that Prof Mutua chooses to focus on the myth of Hotel Rwanda as a false pretext for Rusesabagina’s innocence.

    Paul Kagame
  10. Peter Mwaura: Why journalists ‘name and shame’ wrongdoers in frontpage headlines

    Occasionally journalists pass judgment by “naming and shaming” persons or organisations involved in wrongdoing.


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