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  1. Peter Kagwanja: What African intellectuals owe the continent

    In Africa, inquiry and dialogue on democracy must diligently cut through the maze of ideological struggles for supremacy.

    Uhuru Kenyatta
  2. Peter Kagwanja: China’s growth model is Africa’s surest pathway to prosperity

    At the helm of this intellectual project is President Xi Jinping, certainly the most impactful Modern China’s leader after Chairman Mao

    Nairobi Expressway
  3. Peter Kagwanja: Kenya’s steady rise as a soft power in the Horn of Africa

    Owing to the recent decline of the Ethiopian military, Kenya is touted as the new military power.

  4. PRIME Waruguru: The ‘guru’ of defections?

    Waruguru will vie for the Laikipia East parliamentary seat being held by Amin Deddy, an Uhuru ally.

    Laikipia women Catherine Waruguru
  5. Peter Kagwanja: Ethiopia is ripe for ‘Philadelphia moment’

    Ethiopia must hew its post-war constitution and forge a new social contract from its triple heritage of African traditions, Orthodox Christianity and Islam.

    Tigray memorial
  6. Peter Kagwanja: Restore civilian supremacy over army to insulate Sudan from coups

    General Burhan is gambling with Sudan’s destiny. He has derailed democracy, postponing elections slated for next year to July 2023.

    General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan
  7. Peter Kagwanja: Why declining capitalism cannot lift poor nations out of poverty

    While colonial capitalism left behind a trail of impoverished nations, empirical evidence exists that the system has increased poverty.

    Dollar sack
  8. Peter Kagwanja: Verdict on Kenya-Somalia border imperils peace in Indian Ocean

    Ruling by the International Court of Justice has profound ramifications for peace and security in Africa’s Indian Ocean region and beyond.

    Uhuru Kenyatta
  9. Peter Kagwanja: China-Africa summit to focus on health diplomacy in post-Covid era

    The 2021 Senegal summit builds on the long history of China-Africa health cooperation.

    China-Africa Cooperation
  10. Peter Kagwanja: Raila’s political blitzkrieg stirs new wave in Mt Kenya 

    The ODM party leader's new strategy involves use of overwhelming political fire-power to control the region.

    Raila Odinga

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