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  1. Local militia kill 22 in attack on DRC camp

    The same camp was attacked less than a week ago when 29 people were killed.

  2. Anti-graft agencies in DRC, Kenya join hands to fight vice

    EACC and APLC to work together in war agaisnt graft in teh two counties.

  3. MSF suspends medical activities in DRC’s Ituri Province

    Two Doctors Without Borders staff were injured in the Thursday attack

  4. DR Congo president confirms controversial election agency choice

    Last Saturday, the National Assembly endorsed Denis Kadima as the commission president.

    President Felix Tshisekedi
  5. PRIME After mining, Kinshasa seeks to clean up forest harvesting contracts

    DRC announces an imminent purge of “doubtful contracts” in the forestry sector.

  6. PRIME Rwandan, Congolese armies clash in North Kivu

    The DRC and Rwanda have had a tumultuous relationship for years.

    Northern Kivu
  7. DRC promises to rein in officials after sexual abuse scandal

    WHO report detailed horrid stories of women raped or forced into sexual acts by emergency responders they had hoped would help them during the Ebola crisis.

  8. PRIME DRC struggles with vague Chinese mining contract

    The contract in question involves Sicomines, the firm that, on paper, extracts minerals under Chinese-Congolese ventures.

  9. Kabila ICC trouble? Victims file complaint at The Hague

    Kabila’s allies have denounced the move to file a complaint with the ICC.

    Former DRC President Joseph Kabila
  10. Establish war crimes tribunal for DRC, Nobel laureate urges

    Dr Mukwege seeks justice for victims of war in eastern DRC.

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