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  1. We’ll push for environmental justice in Glasgow, vows PS

    Things are heating up. They have been doing so since the industrial revolution. Slowly, but surely. According to scientists, warming in Kenya could reach an average 2.2°c by 2050, with the...

  2. PRIME More high-achieving women seek male companions over love

    The question many successful women today ask is, "What value do you bring to my life?"

  3. One of last white rhinos retired from egg harvesting

    This leaves just one female rhino that will produce the eggs.

  4. Legal brain with a heart for children's health

    Rosemary Mugwe is the Africa Director of Kids Operating Room (KidsOR), an international not-for-profit that aims to provide access to safe surgery for children by installing and equipping...

  5. Kenya takes leap of faith in renewable power

    President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2018 committed to attaining 100 percent green energy sufficiency by 2022.

  6. PRIME Breaking the silence: Kenya's huge child incest problem

    Sexual abuse by relatives is on the rise and thrives under a culture of silence, stigma and fear.

  7. PRIME I am solving age-old problems in horticulture with new ways of thinking

    Kenyan Scientist, Dr. Annah Indeche, 51, is working to end common disorders that cause tomatoes and fruits to rot, to increase food security and farmers’ incomes

  8. Scientists identify organisms in mosquitoes that can help fight malaria

    The researchers found the microbe — a fungi —occurs naturally inside the cells of the malaria transmitting anopheles mosquitoes in parts of Kenya.

    Mosquito, Malaria
  9. PRIME The profits and pitfalls of dating older, married men

    Many of the young women who date married men usually end up regretting the time lost.

  10. Schedule regular dates to discuss  your relationship 

    Benson Olendo and his wife have a scheduled date every two months, where they only talk about their marriage, and their goals.

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