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  1. Njoki Chege: A watershed moment for Kenyan media

    What we are witnessing right now is a watershed moment, a time in history that many of us will remember for decades to come.

  2. Njoki Chege: Prepare Kenyan youth for new tech-based jobs 

    The government must think beyond stopgap measures and identify opportunities to sustainably support Kenya’s youth in the long term.

    Digital business
  3. Njoki Chege: Let’s help these ‘young turks’ bag elective positions

    These young candidates no longer have to purchase expensive TV advertisements and billboards to introduce themselves to their constituents.

    Alexandria Ocasio-Corte
  4. Njoki Chege: School fires a reflection of rot in society

    We must look inwardly and reflect on why the first course of action for these frustrated students is violence.

    Kakamega High School
  5. Njoki Chege: At last, there is academic life after Grade E

    This programme will only work if the students seize the opportunity to develop their skills and advance their education.

    George Magoha
  6. Njoki Chege: We can learn key life lessons from Powell

    Gen Powell left behind a rich legacy and a portfolio of achievements and failures that made for a noteworthy life.

    Colin Powell
  7. Njoki Chege: Magoha, stop these corrupt principals

    The Ministry of Education must do more than complain when their directives are blatantly disregarded by school principals.

    George Magoha
  8. Njoki Chege: How to ensure women win in 2022 elections

    The best way to support women leadership is to put our money where our mouths are; fund female candidates.

    Women leaders
  9. Njoki Chege: Rename Karura forest in Wangari Maathai’s honour

    The impact of Prof Wangari Maathai's tireless efforts to protect our environment has reverberated across generations.

    Wangari Mathaai
  10. Njoki Chege: Let’s invest in EA media innovators

    I am certain that these startups will shape the future of media.

    NMG Media Lab

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