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  1. Madame Connoisseuse tells you why this Chinese restaurant will tickle your taste buds

    I needed to catch up with a childhood friend the other day and we settled on Mr Yao. Having only ever ordered from them online, the ambiance at the restaurant was a pleasant surprise. The space...

  2. Eating out: New Afro-asian menu for your Nyama delights

    Madame Connoisseuse tries the matumbo bao and has an interesting take on it.

  3. Eating out: Delicious, affordable food on a road trip

    Madame Connoisseuse gets amazing food at pocket-friendly prices.

  4. Eating out: Where to unwind this weekend

    When a friend needed advice on where to relax, Madame Connoisseuse had the perfect place.

  5. Eating&Out: Are we taking social distancing too far?

    Madame Connoissuese is delighted at the chicken offering, but wonders why they can’t share a table with her live-in sister.

  6. Eating and Outing: When East meets West Africa flavour

    Madame Connoisseuse orders in from this eatery and she is delighted at the serving.

  7. EATING&OUTING: Prepare to tickle your taste buds

    These global-inspired eateries in the Karen and Ngon’g road area, will lift your spirits.

  8. Spreading the cheer with tasty pastries

    Madame Connoissuese engages her family sweet tooth and is more than happy with the results.

  9. EATING OUT: Behind the scenes of stellar meals

    Watching the chef and his team whip up and plate dishes.

  10. EATING OUT: Truly sumptuous meal, but …

    The food arrives two hours after placing the order, but it does not disappoint.

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