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  1. Mutuma Mathiu: Testing best way to tame Covid-19

    This helps to tame the spread of the virus and protect the uninfected.

  2. Elias Makori: Dedication to all behind-the-scenes actors who made Kenya proud

    If everyone performs his or her duty diligently, Kenya would be an amazing nation.

  3. NMG announces key editorial changes

    New structure is to give impetus to Nation.Africa and protect legacy media business, says Editorial Director.

  4. NMG restructures newsroom in digital transformation drive

    New appointments as Nation Media Group embarks on implementing its digital transformation.

  5. Mutuma Mathiu: Don’t lower your guard just yet

    The ‘new normal’ should include lots of distributed working and strict enforcement of health guidelines.

  6. Mutuma Mathiu: Media shall not be silent on graft

    In the hierarchy of political sins, impunity must rank up there with greed.

  7. Royalty collectors to face the music

    Kecobo has ordered an overhaul of systems the CMOs use to collect and distribute royalties.

  8. Mutuma Mathiu: We’re not out of the woods yet

    The levels of mask- and hygiene compliance in the disease epicentre, Nairobi, are very high.

  9. Audit reveals theft of musicians' royalties

    The forensic audit from 2017 to 2019 unearthed deep-rooted systemic inefficiencies.

  10. Tom Mshindi: Reassuring pledge to media as Nation goes digital

    The government reaffirmed its commitment to media freedom.

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