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  1. Linah Benyawa: Don’t forget terrorism as you fight the Covid-19 pandemic

    Just like terrorism, the virus keeps mutating; hence, it’s likely to take an indefinite time to eliminate it.

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  2. Linah Benyawa: Our physical, mental health depends on how we take care of the environment.

    Kenyans are increasingly disconnecting from the basics of life. We have purposed to abuse and neglect something as crucial as the natural environment that gives us life. Maintenance of the...

  3. Let’s protect the heroes who guard our national parks

    During the Covid-19 period, Kenya has experienced a significant drop in tourism.

  4. BENYAWA: Phase in private guards rules compliance

    It is only prudent that a five-year implementation period is offered.

  5. BENYAWA: Give refugees a home in Kenya

    Human beings are always stronger when they are together.

  6. BENYAWA: Preserving beauty of Kenya for future

    President taking constructive steps to restore our national parks to their former glory.

  7. BENYAWA: Conservation continues despite the difficulties

    We must preserve and grow our forests and protect wildlife.

  8. BENYAWA: Covid-19 disproportionately affects women and girls

    Unesco says the virus has forced 743 million girls to stay out of school.

  9. BENYAWA: Use of stolen funds to fight coronavirus laudable

    The government can use money repatriated from stolen funds to fight coronavirus.

  10. BENYAWA: Supreme Court ruling boosts graft war

    There are many conniving characters who will always seek to defeat course of justice.

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