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  1. Alarm over rising deaths due to antimicrobial resistance

    Study found that more than 1.2 million deaths in 2019 were directly linked to treatable antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections

  2. Fresh hurdles in vaccine drive as workers protest

    Health staff say they are demoralised by unpaid allowances after working so hard to increase uptake.

    Dr.Willis Akhwale
  3. Scientists in bid to stop menopause

    A biotechnology start-up is working to solve the problem of accelerated ovarian aging in effort to change the trajectory of women’s health and equality

    Ovaries age five times faster than other organs.
  4. Study: Kenyan scientist's drug could treat Covid

    The medication was developed by Dr George Njoroge and his team for treatment of Hepatitis C

    Dr George Njoroge, an award-winning scientist.
  5. PRIME Baby 'with 60 days to live' needs Sh5m for surgery in India

    Doctors say the baby has only 60 days to get a liver transplant or she will not survive.

  6. ‘Blood-testing’ start-up founder faces decades in prison

    Elizabeth Holmes, the former CEO of blood testing startup Theranos, has been convicted of fraud

    Elizabeth Holmes leaves the courthouse accompanied by her partner, Billy Evans.
  7. PRIME Kenyan traveller’s case exposes chaotic approach to containing Covid-19

    Her experience shines a spotlight on how government officials are mishandling travellers.

  8. The substances they use to spike your drinks

    This special report reveals the tricks, the experiences of the victims, and how to stay safe from spiking.

    The commonly used drugs include stilnox, amitriptyline, rohypnol, vailum and ketamine.
  9. PRIME Explainer: How to get your Covid-19 vaccine certificate

    Accessing the government’s online Chanjo system for the certificate has been a daunting task for some.

    Covid-19 Jab
  10. Viagra that can prevent, treat Alzheimer’s found

    Sildenafil is a generic form of the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra


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