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  1. Covid-19 has stopped everything except cancer - the cells are still growing

    Pandemic pushes millions of women to miss screening, some who found a lump in February or March, seeking help now

  2. After escaping abuse in the Middle East, domestic workers’ woes are far from over in this pandemic

    The pandemic and resulting economic crises have led tens of thousands of migrant workers around the world to return to their home countries

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  3. We just want to go home! - VIDEO

    Laid off: Kenyan domestic workers stranded in the streets of Beirut after devastating blast, demand repatriation

  4. The changing lives of Maasai women

    From making soap to sanitary pads, Maa women moving from strict gender roles, to radical ways of feeding families, educating children

  5. Women, power and the newsroom

    Are women finally taking their equal place inside newsrooms?

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  6. Seeking a decent life for domestic workers

    Trade unionist says people still disregard domestic work as mere low cadre that has no value

    Trade unionist’s phone has harrowing texts from domestic workers; says people don’t value the profession 
  7. Why female-led nations have low Covid-19 cases

    Our strategy of go hard, go early has paid off, says Jacinda Ardern

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  8. New Zealand girls to get free sanitary pads

    School girls' initiative part of State effort to halve child poverty

  9. No sanitary products for prisoners

    Female inmates at Korinda Prison suffering for lack of essential commodities

  10. Uganda transport ban leaves women trapped with abusive partners

    Museveni "devising a comprehensive plan on how best to handle domestic violence"

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