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  1. Readers' feedback: Opinion journalism and evidence

    I have been a keen reader of editorial or opinion pages of the Daily Nation and other publications right from secondary school.

    William Ruto
  2. How Hilary Ng’weno freed Kenyan journalism from colonial yoke

    Ng’weno brought into journalism a certain, almost quaint intellectual sophistication and style.

    Hilary Ng’weno
  3. Peter Mwaura: Readers have their say

    I think I should thank those who read the ‘Letters to the Editor’ page and who know the contributors are ordinary men and women.

    Daily Nation newspaper reader
  4. Kwendo Opanga: Sonko is down, but trust him to use the poor for his comeback 

    Sonko would not have been Governor of Kenya’s richest county, were it not for his stranglehold on Nairobi’s poor.

    Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko
  5. Kwendo Opanga: BBI reggae and Uhuru’s bid to salvage his complicated legacy

    It is much easier to make a success of BBI reggae (politics) in a day than build 500,000 housing units in five (not one) years in a depressed economy.

    Uhuru Kenyatta signature
  6. Kwendo Opanga: BBI will heighten momentum for politically bumpy ride to 2022 polls

    Twenty-twenty-one will be the year of the change-the-constitution referendum.

  7. Kwendo Opanga: Ruto ends 2020 as the country’s most maligned, ensnared Number Two

    Like those before him, he was neither incompetent nor unqualified. His

    DP William Ruto
  8. Kwendo Opanga: Long the outsider, Raila now the insider shaping Uhuru succession

    A Kikuyu-Luo alliance and teamship for power, which was unthinkable to many, and for many decades, now seems imminent.

    Uhuru and Raila
  9. Kwendo Opanga: Catholic bishops were correct to point out flaws in the BBI report

    If MPs cannot point out the flaws in BBI, let the bishops speak for us and for them.

  10. Kwendo Opanga: Trump delivers post-poll chaos in US as his supporters march in DC

    This weekend, supporters trusting Mr Trump had his victory stolen, will march on Washington DC.

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