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  1. Wife Speak: Don't fight for your marriage

    In the more than five hundred articles I have penned over the years, I have never encouraged a man or woman to fight for their relationship.

  2. Wife Speak: Set expectations and intentions for your relationship

    lust played a number on us. The other day, I told him that we need to set our intentions and expectations of our marriage relationship, otherwise we will grow bored and get mediocre, with each other.

  3. Wife Speak: Couples should stick together

    I had read that it was bad luck for a bride to let the groom see her wedding dress before the D-day.

    Happy couple
  4. PRIME Wife speak: Why wives should record husbands

    They can make a U-turn on you and deny that they ever said something, yet you clearly remember they did

    Wife Speak
  5. PRIME Wife Speak: Teach men the lyrics to a woman’s heart

    Gentlemen, a happy wife is a happy life, is not a myth.

    Happy woman
  6. Wife Speak: When a married woman goes rogue

    Sometime last year, Mrs Williams approached me and asked me to talk to her husband.

    sad woman
  7. Wife Speak: Marriage teaches you great life lessons

    The job of marriage is like a journey through a well-trodden path.

  8. Wife Speak: Women can move mountains, but...

    Women are micro detailed and can be bogged down by the nitty grittiness, but once completed, a project will be spectacular.

  9. Wife Speak: The kind of woman to avoid at all costs

    A woman with unresolved anger issues is most definitely going to make your life together very difficult.

    angry woman
  10. Wife Speak: Why do husbands withhold information from wives?

    Even research has proven that women are better communicators than men

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