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  1. Macharia Gaitho: Central Kenya must let others ‘eat’

    This should be the time to banish the myth that one ethnic bloc has a larger stake than the others.

  2. Bold Woman: Kingwa Kamencu

    The problem lies in the wider society. We have normalised backlash on women.

    Kingwa Kamencu
  3. KAMENCU: A revolution is doubtful in Kenya but innovation can humanise the nation

    The system is quicker to fry and boil its people than it is to tend to and fertilise them.

  4. BUKENYA: Of ‘Ms President’ and the demand for emancipation

    Women are not lacking in ability, competence or willingness to participate and contribute at every level of society.

  5. Yvonne Owuor: We are no longer a literary desert

    Award-winning author of ‘Dust’ and ‘Dragonfly Sea’ on the challenges of being a writer.

  6. KAMENCU: Writers and re-centering of black humanity

    Our system has always been quick to eject the writers, thinkers and revolutionaries.

  7. Is this the sign that Kenya is ready for a female president?

    To be a woman in a country like Kenya means to be under constant scrutiny.

  8. Muthoni Likimani comes out to reclaim her true feminist gospel

    Author of ‘Fighting Without Ceasing’ turns 94 this year.

  9. Writers eulogise Binyavanga

    Some turned to poetry. Others chose brief but thoughtful reactions.

  10. In the depths of despair: How brilliant artists fall off the cliff

    Alcohol and drug addiction is the silent monster many artists have to contend with.

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