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  1. How internet shutdowns hurt democracy in Africa

    Such shutdowns lead to loss of millions in tax revenue.

    internet shutdown
  2. Facebook criticises internet shutdowns in Africa

    Facebook says access to internet-based apps can aid governments in times of crisis but wondered some African countries are doing the opposite.

    internet shutdown
  3. Consumers feel pinch of digital services tax

    Pay TV and online taxi businesses among those already affected.

    Tax returns
  4. John Walubengo: Data minimisation - State should lead by example

    Many government entities still flout the law almost a year since the Data Protection Act was born.

  5. John Walubengo: Should IEBC deploy electronic voting?

    The commission should already be thinking of how the polls will go on even if Covid-19 persists beyond 2022.

  6. John Walubengo: Let us focus on developing ICTs at the county level

    If all the counties improved their ICT investments in delivering on their county development goals, then we can confidently claim that Kenya is the hotbed of innovation.

  7. Is Trump’s TikTok threat a good move?

    Teens and young adults, who make up most of TikTok, are at the heart of consumerism culture.

  8. What is a digital signature?

    A digital signature is NOT your manual signature scribbled on paper and scanned into your document

  9. Why Lands Ministry should consider blockchain solutions

    Blockchain solutions have the ability to code ‘trust’ into the machines and take it away from human beings.

  10. Time to conduct data protection impact assessments

    Organisations should take advantage of the suspension of the recruitment of the Data Protection Commissioner and review their data mapping and compliance.


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