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  1. Plain Truth: Dear sister, success has nothing to do with love

    You can’t put all your efforts in just your career and expect that your love life will feed off these efforts

  2. Relationships: Yes, secondhand stress is a thing. Here's how to protect yourself

    People who can't set boundaries are most at risk writes Joan Thatiah

  3. Plain Truth: There should be no shame in a woman seeking a rich man

    We should not judge a woman who prioritises her financial security says Joan Thatiah

  4. More Kenyan women are warming up to cosmetic surgery. Why?

    While body modification was frowned at and done in private, it is now desirable and flaunted

  5. Plain Truth: Want to thrive? It’s all in your choices

    This year leave your comfort zone challenges

  6. Main Story: The book that will shape my 2021

    Need a boost? To inspire your New Year we asked women to tell us about the most heart-warming novel that is defining their lives

  7. Woman of Passion:Running a family business taught me what a finance degree could not

    After graduation Leah Kimotho could not get a job despite her finance degree. Unknown to her, it’s the skills she was to learn in the family hardware business that will be key in her success. The...

  8. Plain Truth: The questions we should stop asking already during this period

    Why don't you have children? Where is your man? This sort of interrogation should be buried says Joan Thatiah

  9. Woman of Passion: Everything I know about my business, is self-taught

    She started by selling clothes online. Then, she discovered she couldn’t get affordable shoots location. That was Amina Abdulrashid, 26, light-bulb moment to set up a new age photo studio

  10. Plain Truth: Why you shouldn’t let money define your self-worth

    We shouldn’t focus solely on the act of making profits, but also on using these assets to shape our lives and others in ways that make us happier and more fulfilled

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