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  1. Spreading the agribusiness gospel from Israel

    It is on the use of farming technology, from application of weather intelligence to irrigation, that the Israelis are winning.

  2. US election 101: How the Electoral College works

    The American president is voted for by a small group of electors in every state in what is known as the Electoral College.

  3. Covid-19: Why we're likely riding a second, deadlier wave

    Will Kenya weather a second wave? We'll know soon enough.

  4. The digital class of 2000

    A generation born 20 years ago when the new millennium ushered in the mobile phone revolution grows with Safaricom.

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  5. How emotionally intelligent are you?

    Emotionally intelligent professionals understand and manage their emotions better, work well in teams and are better problem solvers.

  6. 5 golden rules of open office etiquette

    Our behaviour, attitude and general conduct can influence how we get treated by our co-workers.

  7. Tales from Mideast: Violence, revulsion and death

    It’s about verbal abuse and physical assault... Some workers return home in body bags.

  8. Millennials and their fragile financial lives

    They are more debt-laden than any other generation in history, according to research findings published in Forbes.

  9. Christians pay heavy price for Church’s thirst for cash

    Believers paint a disheartening picture of institutions that have become the ultimate symbol of self-indulgence.

  10. Personality of the week: Christopher Karani

    Christopher Karani is a career coach and the founder of Workforce Africa

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